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I grew up hearing about all the colorful birds of Australia. The Lories, Toos and Finches as my Grandmother was a native Aussie. She once found a color drawing of a Rosie for me and showed to me, telling me that these birds were "all over the place". It would be about another 15 years before I would see a live one.

Hello!  Hello!

In 1988, when I was just starting with this "bird thing" I was at a Expo at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. There was a breeder that had 2 of these beauties. They were about 4 month old and just adorable. One really took to me and would follow me around the whole booth crawling over all the cages to keep up with me. If it hadn't been for the price tag at the time ($2,500) I would have gone home with that bird right there.

Well, needless to say between those two things I was doomed to own at least one of these guys. Although it would be awhile still. One of the local breeders in the Bay Area that puts on most of the local Bird Expos, also started doing Reptile Expos. Since I love just about any animal that ever lived I would go to these and help him in his booth. In return for a years worth of working these expos he would give me a baby Rosie. It was one of the longest years of my life.

Rosie came to me in the spring of 1997, although I believe he was hatched in late '96. He was just starting to talk at the time. While I was trying to come up with a name for him I would just call him "the rosie". Well he picked this up and started calling himself "Rosie". Well now, I couldn't change his name on him could I? So, now he has the same name as about half the other rosies in the country.

What's up Rosie Dose!

Anyone that goes to the local Bay Area Bird Expos probably already knows Rosie. He is very out going and a big show off, so I take him to the Expos for the attention that he craves. He seems to prefer men over woman, but not always. He will find someone in the crowd that generally lurks around him and will strut over and wait to be picked up. Then he will lean out and want to rub his head on their face (it's a weird twerk of his:).

He has quite a little repertoire of word and phases that he uses. He will pick up some things really easy and others he never wants to say. My blue and gold Mac and him teach each other phrases quite often. Among his list is: Come here, come on; what's up Rosie?; weeee; no; what; Mac, shut up; stop it; step up and a whole lot of sounds, sneezing, coughing, laughing and Tiel noises. He get extremely excited over anything that flies, other birds, butterflies and flies. You can ask him " where's the bug?" and he'll start looking all over the house for one.

He never has taken an interest in any other rosies, as a matter of fact he's scared of most of them! So it doesn't look as though he will be a father any time soon. That's OK, I wouldn't want it any other way.

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