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Karin P - Cockatiels


Just a quick note to say how much we love the baby cockatiels we purchased from you. It would have been easy to give in to the desire to have a bird "right now" and buy one at a pet store but I knew from the beginning that your love of birds would translate into wonderful, healthy, well adjusted babies. They have exceeded my expectations. They are so worth the wait!

Right from the day we brought them home they have fit right in. I expected them to have a few days of discomfort or stress but they never did and I can only attribute that to your wonderful care.

Your prices are so reasonable that we were able to buy both the babies rather than just one and I am sure that they are happier being together! I have told several of my friends to contact you when they are ready for a bird and I would be happy to be a reference for you if you ever have a customer who wants to speak to your other (and very satisfied) customers! Feel free to give them my email address but caution them that if they don't have your name in the subject line I might mistake it as SPAM and delete their inquiries! Karen P

I will continue to stay in touch and keep you updated on the babies.

Best wishes,

PS… I am fairly sure that Zoë is actually a Joey! He's doing a lot of whistling and singing!

KC Kelly - Cockatiel

I just wanted to let you know that Pearl Pied {aka "Sarah"} is doing great. Clara has been really gentle and careful with her and has taken total responsibility for her care even cleaning each individual perch twice a week. Sarah has been the first one she wants to see in the morning {they eat breakfast together}, as soon as she returns from school {I don't know what they are saying to each other but they talk and play together for hours it seems in her room}, and basically any free time she has. The little bird has been perfectly behaved from day one and is rarely in her cage when ever Clara is around. She has really become a member of the family so quickly it is kind of surprising to me. She is sitting on my shoulder as I type this e-mail. Thank you for bringing us together. I never was a "bird person" before but now I'm totally hooked. What a lovely little friend she has become.

Deanna Renee O - Umbrella Cockatoo (Sonny)

Just wanted to send you a couple of updated pictures of Sunny. He is doing wonderful, very affectionate. He never repeated any of the words/phrases that he said when he was with you, but he has picked up a few new ones. A few times we have heard him call Rafael Papa, because that is what we call him here.

When I come downstairs everyday, I have always said "hey big boy", so that is his favorite. As soon as I come in he says that to me now, and he has been starting to say "hi", but it is a really cute high. He goes for spa bath's at Wild & Exotic Birds in Antioch once a month, and is on a pretty good schedule.

Laura - African Grey (Ray)

Hi Shanna -

Ray is doing GREAT! We had a bout of him chewing on his feathers and plucking a bit but I added Pro Feda, Bee Pollen & LOTS OF TOYS to his daily routine and within a couple of weeks he stopped - WHEW! He comes with me to Weight Watchers meetings and when my girlfriend and I have lunch at an outdoor eating place. He likes to ride on my shoulder in the car. He will also sit on his stand while I'm at the computer - that's his favorite place to talk.

His vocabulary has increased and he's saying the following:

  • Hello
  • Hello Ray
  • Good Boy
  • Emma Memma (our cat)
  • Nika No (our dog)
  • I Love You
  • Gimme Five (which I've also taught him to do)
  • Laura
  • Hey Bud
  • Good Morning
  • Wolf Whistle
  • Imitating the Crows
  • Imitating our Dog Barking (miniature schnauzer)
There may be more but that's what we can understand. He's loads of fun and so far isn't in any hormonal stage that I keep reading about and expecting.

Marilyn P - Umbrella Cockatoo

Hi Shanna,

We have almost had Sammy one year and I thought that I would send you a note to let you know that she is doing well. We are really enjoying her. She is such a sweet bird.

She says about 10 words now and barks like the dog. She gets along fine with our dog, Rocky, and she loves to dance and sing. Everyone that comes into the house always talks to her. She looks forward to her showers and being blow dried. The vet just checked her last week and said that she is doing great.

I always attribute some of her personality and good traits to the great start that you gave her when she was a baby.

Have you heard how her brother is doing? (Sunny Listed Above)

Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving. 

Shirley F - Umbrella Cockatoo

I've been going to drop you a line for several weeks, Shanna! Life at work and home is extremely busy!!! I feel like a hamster on a wheel!

Her name is KOLOHE, which is Hawaiian for rascal. She is absolutely precious. We all LOVE her! My son has her doing a couple of cute tricks. Remember she was a birthday present for him? He loves her! And vice versa! But she loves almost anyone who will show her attention.

We're very happy with her!

It was nice of you to write, Shanna!

Take care and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Heather C - Eleonora (Medium Sulphur Crested) Cockatoo

Hi, I just wanted to say the bird is doing wonderful and my dad loves him. We are still working on getting him a bigger better cage but his will do for now. We haven't, well i haven't decided on a name yet. My family likes Galieth (not sure if that's how you spell it) we will see. And I only owe my mom $600.00 now. Haha... Well thanks, and I'll let you know if we have any questions. Oh my dad wanted to know if Galieth is making a natural sound. He raises is crest and starts bobbing his head around. Then he makes a sound that almost sounds like laughing. My mom is trying to teach him scratch my butt... which isn't very proper... but he always raises his wings in the back so you can scratch his whole back or butt... Thanks again!

Bev W - Mustache Parakeet

Hello Shanna, I bought this little guy from you at the exotic bird show a year and a half ago. He was just 4 months old. He's turned into such a beauty -- these pictures really don't do him justice. He's also so much fun. He talks like crazy. His vocabulary just keeps growing all the time, especially with words and phrases that we didn't intend to teach him. We just love him. He loves grapes, blueberries, sugarcane, peppers, apple, strawberries, nuts, cheese, the list goes on! Anyway, just wanted you to see what a wonderful little guy he's turned into.

Bev W

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